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Rental Repair's and Remodeling

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    We are fully licensed and insured, with all Workmen's Compensation intact. We understand that for homeowners and property management companies one of the largest expenses can come from renters that do not share the same interest as you do in the property. They may not be malicious, but destruction happens on a day to day basis when your living in something that isn't yours and you do not feel the obligation to take care of.. We are not referring to a tenant maliciously destroying things. We are referring to the normal scuff's while moving appliances, furniture or even boxes. Children running through the home and rubbing their shoes on the walls, bouncing balls on the ceiling. These are factors that can contribute to the need of touch up painting or even complete painting. Although we can not eliminate these problems we can reduce them and the cost of future repairs.

    For example by using Dunn-Edwards products we may be able to strengthen your painted surfaces so that in the future all you would need would be a touch up to bring the unit back to specification for renting. We do this by using a eggshell or semi-gloss paint instead of a inexpensive flat paint. By using a flat paint you guarantee the need to repaint each time you switch tenants. Upgrading to a eggshell or semi-gloss can cut down on mildew and grease buildup in the bathrooms and kitchen areas. In addition by using an upgraded product through out the rest of the home it will clean easier. 

    The short cut is not always the quickest or most economical way to go. Your rental is your investment and by doing it right the first time you will save yourself the headache and overall cost in the future. With this being said, let us come out and give you a free estimate today. We will personally walk through the property and note any problem areas we find. You will receive a detailed proposal for the work that needs to be done. From here you can choose what work you want done and possibly what work you want in the future.

We are rehab specialists and can help you make decisions about rehabs that will maximize your return on investment.

We provide quality control supervision to ensure excellent service.

Invoices are detailed. This makes it easy to compare the work performed against the work you ordered. It also makes it easy to bill tenants for damages and move-out charges.

- For our property managers that we contract for we are now offering web pictures and bids to make it easier to communicate with your home owners. We will give you your own web space where you will be able to view your properties that you have assigned to us. You will simply click on the link for the property and be able to view pictures we took while doing the walk through and a detailed bid. You will be able to share the address to that page with your homeowner so they are able to make an informed decision about repairs and even remodels. We hope you enjoy and take full advantage of this service.

We offer Free Estimates on all of our services.