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Urethane Beams

Polyurethane beams (also known as Faux Beams) provide a simple and inexpensive way of dramatically improving the décor of a room. They can accentuate ceilings of interiors, giving a room a warm and cozy feeling. Most beams are three sided and open ended, allowing them to be installed over existing structures such as smaller wood beams, plumbing pipes, and electrical wires or conduit.

Faux beams are an excellent lightweight alternative to traditional wood beams. Knowledgeable builders and homeowners are demanding that ordinary exterior trim such as wood beams or corbels be made of Polyurethane. Tired of painting or replacing wood every few years? Polyurethane is simply the logical choice.

Polyurethane is very durable and realistic. It resists chemical attack and severe weather conditions including salt water exposure. Polyurethane is impervious to insects and does not rot. Polyurethane is also environmentally safe, for it contains no atmosphere damaging chlorofluorocarbons.

"How realistic are faux beams?" Everyone has the same reaction when they see faux wood beams for the first time. They have to touch it to "see" for themselves that it is not real wood. Shocked, surprised and delighted, they can't believe it's not a real wood beam. 

We can help you select and purchase your beams or you can purchase them on your own. A professional installation can mean the difference between looking real or looking fake. The choice is yours.


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